N-Gen Service Fulfillment

Rapidly changing customer preferences combined with the need to continuously introduce innovative, profitable new services and quickly retire unprofitable or lapsed offers has caused Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to strengthen their ability to define, launch, optimize, and retire products and services. CSP product innovation and pricing strategies must also factor in what is feasible in terms of available network and service infrastructure, and determine how best to package an offering within the constraints of bandwidth and connectivity. Finally, in the complex world of converged services, CSPs must be able to ensure that network-based and application-based services work together seamlessly to form a complete and viable end-user product offering.

URS Fulfillment Strategy

URS is evolving its current fulfillment solutions towards a real-time, high performance and fully integrated platform, designed to support the evolving service aggregation needs of converged communications service providers (CSPs) and network operators. The solution assumes building services from pre-defined components, thus reducing time-to-market for new services and enabling CSPs to quickly launch and deliver new offers, maintaining a high level of innovation of their product portfolio. It supports the complete service fulfillment process: inventing the customer service, modeling it and then orchestrating network operations. At the same time, the proliferation of devices and services, including M2M (machine-to-machine), means that orders may not be coming through the traditional CRM or conventional order capture system, but through devices or other systems. As a result, fulfillment software will need to change radically in the near future to be more intelligent, resilient, scalable and fast. URS N-Gen Fulfillment strategy is designed to meet that challenge.