N-Gen Service Assurance

The telecommunications industry is going through a period of dramatic change. In particular, the emergence of rich Internet Protocol-based services is creating new opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to provide exciting, profitable new subscriber services, along with the challenge of building new network capabilities while maintaining current ones. Service Assurance is growing in importance. Traditionally it has focused on detecting faulty resources and then fixing or replacing them. This will not be enough in the competitive marketplace.

URS N-Gen Service Assurance enables a telecom operator to monitor complex services, automatically find problem root causes, and enrich events with advanced information The system makes service assurance possible to control from one convergent, central application.

URS Value Proposition

  1. Highly automated, end-to-end processes and operations allow for minimal manual work, low re-work, and higher productivity with lower OpEx
  2. Comprehensive service modeling and monitoring engine, providing the mapping between resources and services, even for complex cases
  3. Process management system controlling and organizing the complex workflow in the areas of Incident and Problem Management, equipped with predefined ITIL and eTOM founded process templates
  4. The use of standards-based data models, processes, and integration interfaces (SID, OSS/J, MTOSI, CMDB, NGOSS) cuts integration and migration costs dramatically
  5. The visualization of service components and relationships speeds up service introduction, fulfillment, and processes
  6. Knowledge Base to gather and store the knowledge, tips, solutions and all necessary information about the devices, services and procedures related with service assurance