Network Design and Optimization

Companies today are challenged to find more innovative ways to reduce operational costs and working capital investments, while also driving customer service, revenue and growth. Our Network Design and Optimization services is a key ingredient in ensuring your networks are able to handle the high level of data traffic brought on by this user behavior while maintaining service quality and end user experience. In order to assure an optimal end user experience and operator profitability we offer a full range of services addressing everything from technology deployment, network transformation, and network optimization.

These full range of services address everything from technology deployment, network transformation, and network optimization in order to assure an optimal end user experience and operator profitability. We use our unique tools to analyze your network situation more accurately and rapidly giving you the ability to focus on your business and user satisfaction.

IT Managed Services

IT leaders need a solution which can reliably manage organization's IT services, provide them regular updates, help cut IT 'run costs' and enable them to focus more on strategic IT change topics. Our Managed Services offerings cover complete ecosystem of Communication Service Providers (CSPs). We offer end-to-end services at all the layers of CSP ecosystem – Business Process Layer, Application Layer, Infrastructure Layer & Network Layer. We bring cross-domain IT expertise and an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing operators today. It’s all about creating the best experience – for you, your staff, and your customers. We bring our telecom expertise straight to your IT environment, delivering the highest possible reliability and availability.

Telecom Managed Services

In the Networked Society, people depend on networks to help them connect with each other and improve their lives and businesses. In this new world, operators are under pressure to maintain quality of service, differentiate them from the competition and promote end-user loyalty. Operators can meet these challenges by entering into managed services partnerships with experts that assume responsibility for activities such as designing, building, operating and managing day-to-day network operations. Our experience-centric managed services model, meanwhile, aligns service delivery with the operator’s strategic and business objectives, securing a customer experience-centric operation that proactively drives business innovation. Finally, our sharing models, such as the wholesale network sharing model, are focused on structural efficiency and enabling new business models, giving operators maximum flexibility. The Network Managed Services offerings include all activities we would typically perform running a telecom network, for instance:

  • Management of end-customer problems
  • Corrective and preventive field maintenance
  • Ensure performance is maintained at or above agreed quality levels
  • Management of changes to the network and Installation and upgrades of equipment
  • Day-to-day operation and management of the entire network infrastructure