As technology switches paths to a more convergent, pervasive and disruptive future, enterprises must take stock of post-downturn realities – voice revenues are declining; consumers are switching brands like never before. The immediate agenda then is driving operational efficiency and reining in costs while exploiting new business models and revenues from new services or products. Priorities in the future are developing new business models and staying connected with consumers – always.

In our portfolio for telecom operators and CSP’s, we have the know-how, the skills and the solutions you need to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are a platform and product agnostic services company comfortable working with a wide range of vendors and technology environments. At the heart of everything we do is a drive to deliver tangible business results to our clients.

Our Services and capabilities include:

We help our clients win in a digital world by serving them as a consultant, vendor and strategic partner to:

  1. Build and manage complex, converged IP-networks.
  2. Transform IT architecture and IT operations.
  3. Develop and deploy next-generation M2M solutions and Value Added Services.
  4. Address the challenges and opportunities resulting from industry convergence and technology innovation for Media and Over-the-top (OTT) Players.
  5. Adopt new technologies to realize next-generation communication opportunities involving data analytics.