Competition in the Retail industry is forcing retailers and retail chains to continuously control their income and expenses. Readiness to implement innovative solutions and technological advancement translates into market power for a company.

Our Retail practice gives you the tools you need to succeed amid growing competition and increasingly complex supply chains. From loyalty and CRM to workforce management solutions, we help you deliver seamless service to customers. In addition to basic POS and WFMS services, we can implement next-generation customer touch points like personal shopping assistants, kiosks and digital signage. URS invites you to go beyond retail with us and reach the nonstop customer through a series of experiences focused on:


Our retail expertise spans the merchandizing value chain, including retail information management, merchandise financial planning, category management, assortment and space planning, pricing and promotion planning.

Supply Chain

We help clients solve complex supply chain problems, delivering value and savings along their transformation journey. Let our team show you how an integrated supply chain can create a retail experience without boundaries -- and help your organization stay vital to shoppers.


URS helps clients rethink the store experience to create more engaging and rewarding shopper interactions. We offer a wide variety of solutions for stores including:

  1. Point of service.
  2. In-store productivity.
  3. Point of service.

Multichannel retailing

The digital revolution does not mean doing away with the physical store. The more your consumers see you, the more they'll want to know about you. Online consumers will buy if they’ve seen it, like it, and are convinced of it. Their product research actually drives more land-store sales than online sales. So, all channels where the consumer might get information from – the retail store, website, and catalogue – must be closely aligned and monitored for maximum impact and sales.